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Welcome! Poppy Garden Preschool is the best first school experience you can imagine! We offer a sweet and nurturing waldorf program that is a wonderful bridge between home and school.

Set on a flag lot away from the street, the children will have the opportunity to work with the garden as well as enjoy the beautiful waldorf preschool experience that includes watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, other natural art and craft projects, handwork (sewing and finger knitting), cooking and baking, circle songs, games, finger plays, dance/movement, Spanish introduction, stories and puppet shows as well as seasonal celebrations with our community.

We provide a beautiful setting indoors and out with all natural toys and supplies where possible. We provide healthy snacks and beverages.

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Your privacy is important to us. The information you provide will help us determine class offerings. To this end, we might obliquely reference your child's gender and/or age in discussion about classes with other parents/caregivers, e.g. "there are x girls and y boys in that class now," or "that class is made up of mostly 3 year olds."  Your contact information remains private and is not shared or disclosed to any other parent/caregiver without your permission.